Summer and Sunscreen

Great news! Sunshine abounds and the weather demands long walks, picnics and all things outdoors. At Skookum we have great sundresses and dresses are all the rage this year. Don’t limit yourself to sundresses with sleeves (is that even a thing???) just because you forgot to go to the gym this lifetime! Own your look. I’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s never WHAT you wear. It’s HOW you wear it. Do you feel good in it? Then that’s all that matters. No one else gets to be you! One thing to remember about sundresses is protection from the sun’s rays. I’ve found an amazing product. It’s Lancôme’s UV EXPERT. New this year, it goes on like the finest primer/moisturizer and it lasts all day. Plus, it’s SPF 50. What could be easier! So, let’s go outside, look like ourselves and dare the sun to spoil our day. We’ve got this!

Summer Sunscreen Clothing Bainbridge Island
Anne Clermont