Little Giraffe

Chenille Blankets Bainbridge Island, WA

Little Giraffe is the standard by which all baby blankets, adult throws and robes should be judged. Did you know that Little Giraffe baby blankets actually help many babies sleep better? My favorite Skookum Clothing Little Giraffe story is the Mom who bought one for her baby girl at our store and then bought another to send that same baby girl off to college eighteen years later.

Did you know Seattle has its own little giraffe, born May 2, 2019? Woodland Park Zoo recently announced the name of our newest park resident and it’s Hasani (hah-SAW-nee), which means “handsome” in Swahili. Born with a rear leg abnormality, a Kentucky-based veterinarian has created custom therapeutic shoes for Hasani to wear during his treatment. You can follow Hasani on his own blog site, here.

Anne Clermont