Skookum Clothing

designers for Little Ones

Organic for children is more than an idea at Skookum Clothing. It is our mantra. These are our carefully curated designers and creators of fun.


Bella Dahl Girls • I Play • Little Giraffe • L’oved Baby • Manhattan Toy • Mary Meyer • Wallaroo Hats for Kids

Bella Dahl Girls

She skips. She giggles. She beguiles. Bella Dahl wraps that sweetest little spirit in fabric so downy-soft it makes her heart smile. Made in America with love.


Little Giraffe

What happens when the softest, most luxurious fabrics gathered from around the world meet the intentional design of Little Giraffe? A blanket is born! And the world is a sweeter place. In 2000 Little Giraffe set out to create the most soothing, sleep inducing baby blankets ever made. They chose very carefully. They created cloth so soft lambs envied it. They became bolder and added colors so bright the rainbow applauded. And then they thought, why stop with babies when adults need a little comfort, too? And Little Giraffe Home was created.

L’oved Baby

When a children’s designer of charming things asks this question, “Why organic?” and follows with, “How organic are we?”, only to conclude with a statement of concern for employees, they have my attention! This is L’oved Baby. The pictures that follow say more than words ever could.