Welcome to Skookum Clothing

Welcome to Skookum!  We are celebrating our 10th year in fashion.  What an adventure and what a joy!   We began with a point of view.  Enjoy life, be yourself, and above all...Be Comfortable! 

It is my belief that the modern woman is a complex mixture of intelligence, drive, courage and curiosity.  No two women are alike and yet the common thread that binds us all is the need for personal expression.  At Skookum we strive to help you find those elements of clothing that will best express who you are to the world at large. 

We are a classic contemporary clothing boutique with a twist.  Our fashions are timeless yet modern.  My grandfather always said, “Buy once and buy well.”  As an old farmer of German descent, he may have known the value of a dollar, but I'm quite sure he would never have expected his words to be the guiding tenet of a clothing store designed for women!  Well, Grandpa, your words are my mantra. 

I believe that our fashion choices should express who we are from the inside out.  The clothing we wear everyday should be an extension of the passion that drives us.   That is not to say we should dress in costume; but instead,  dress with confidence.  Wear the colors that make you sing from the inside out!  If black is your preferred “color”  of  choice, accessorize with scarves that make you smile or jewelry that invokes a happy memory.  If color is your passion, wear the colors that you love.  Your closet should not be your enemy.

At Skookum we carry lines from America, Denmark, Germany, France,  Peru, Scotland, as well as other parts of this world.  Our leading designer of handcrafted jewelry is Joanna Morgan.  Joanna grew up in Poland, but now calls Seattle home.  She brings her unique eastern European esthetic to every piece of jewelry she designs.  It is our intention that everything we sell should be of good quality and timeless in nature.  Each purchase is meant to be an investment, not only in your wardrobe but also in yourself.

Celebrate!  Ladies, we are awesome! 

 My best to all, 

Randi Morgan – owner

Celebrating 10 years in fashion!